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Since 2000 supporting & promoting multimedia emerging talents and unusual, beautiful & disturbing arts.

Cremaster Records Agency & Studios is a multidisciplinary arts collective based in Berlin (Germany) although develops his work internationally. Functioning primarily as a record label & events management/arts patronage dedicated to electronic experimental music, video creation & new media art.

We started in 2000 in Spain using other names but always with the same objective: a platform open to develop any kind of project related to any kind of emerging art tendency, since then the ideas has been growing and nowadays Cremaster Records is big project that includes organization of events such as festivals, music releases, workshops, conferences and art exhibitions, always featuring the most cutting-edge artists.

We´re published the work of:

Above the Tree, Astro C.C.C.C., Compütah, Crisopa, Cubop, D-fried, Die! Goldstein, #Fo, Glixx Pistols, From Above, in the Mountain, Guadalupe Plata, Hand Of Fatima, Jesús Vögel, Leit, LineDestruction, Matka, Nev.Era, Odeondreams, Plan Quinquenal, Ragul, Rec_overflow, Replicante Norman, Risco, Scumearth, Senmove, San Taub, Scud Hero, Sophia Härdig, The Happiness project, Traxx van Traxx, Úrsula

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