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Rebelution Films, is film company started by Visionary, Director, Writer: Larick Mathews a.k.a Cricket.(Damn that's a lot of titles... LOL, just don't do them all at once that's my Motto...)

"I made this company to share with the world my vision, Excitement, Thrilling, On The Edge, Sometimes Drama with some kick ass Graphics. Time out for the "Safe Directors", "Typical Directors" and most of all "Monotonous Directors" (Look it up if you don't know), Rebelution Films will give you nothing but pure entertainment for years to come.
Here at Rebelution FIlms we pride ourselves with consistantly producing innovative, creative and high quality work, which sets us aside from others, we custom style our Music Videos, Movie Projects, Reality Shows and Full / Short Films..

Thank you for taken the time to check us out.
-1Love Cricket-
follow us on Twitter, @DirectorCricket @RebelutionFilms
IG: DirectorCricket


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