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In the early 90s after the comedy boom of the previous decade had subsided there was an influx of new comedians willing to go the extra mile for a laugh. They weren't your everyday "Take my wife please" type of comedians. They were featured performers whose brand of humor were a little too risqué for most media outlets. Comics like Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, Patrice O'Neal, Robert Kelly, Rich Vos, Rick Shapiro, & many more made a name for themselves by appearing all over New York. They were pretty much given free range to talk about whatever they wanted, and this led to several classic moments on stage as well as TV and radio appearances.

After scouring the web for media featuring these up & coming comics, Patrick Milligan, founder of Cringe Humor, became quite discouraged at the lack of content available. He decided to create Cringe Humor, a site with intentions of spreading the word about some of our favorite performers. CH also strives to bring you the most audio, video & pictures from all over the world of stand-up comedy.

Cringe Humor is NOT a general stand up comedy site. We cater to a very select genre of comedy and judge all other performers on it.

We’ve also began a radio network that features some of the best Cringe Humor comedians and talented radio talk personalities.

Cringe Humor is a place where fans can feel comfortable critiquing anyone in comedy while being entertained with the latest news, columns and reviews.

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