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Cris Saur is passionate about the arts. She studied acting in such renowned schools as Marcio Mehiel in São Paulo, Brazil as well as Stella Adler and The Lee Strasberg School in New York City, where she also graduated in filmmaking from one of the top schools in NYC.

She's been in over 10 short movies as an actor. Besides performing, she now also writes, produces and directs her own movies having written 5 scripts and directed 2 of her own movies.

By the beginning of 2012, she had premiered in her first movie, the short film "Raw Skin", at Soho House in New York City and just a few months later she premiered in another movie, "Night and Day", in Los Angeles.

In 2013, she premiered her first directorial effort, the short film "Water", in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. "It was a fun process, I wrote the script, produced it with a friend, acted and directed. WOW! It was a first. It was a Brazil-US co-production. I had a blast."

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