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Cristian Simion is a composer and music producer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Having a personal affinity towards classical works, his compositions are marked by musical motifs of simple, yet deep and emotional character.

With an obsession to find the quintessential musical archetypes best suited for a certain context, his scores aim to satisfy the musical needs of the film and gaming industries.

Besides his passion for soundtracks, he has also worked with a large number of artists and music bands as a composer and producer.

From the groovy bass lines of reggae, soul and RnB to the catchy tunes of funk and pop, moving on to the darker side of rock and gothic music, his style has evolved to a very distinct expression of melancholic, yet optimistic music.

Having played the piano, the guitar, the bass-guitar and vocals throughout his musical experience, he approaches every composition through the eyes and soul of each included instrument.

Cristian Simion is working at Infinity Studio, alongside Victor Mihailescu, a very talented producer and sound engineer.

After working hours, his home-studio is the place where his passion for music continues. Never fading, forever growing!


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