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Cristina Pavesi was born in Milan, Italy where she lives and works.
She graduated at Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan. Since 2002 she has produced short videos that have been screened internationally in public spaces, art galleries and video festivals included: BANG Barcelona, KLEX Malaysia, MIVA Equador, Festival Miden Greece, AVIFF Cannes, Traverse Vidéo Toulouse, Berlin Directors Lounge, Madatac Madrid, Streaming Festival Neterlands, Cologne OFF, FONLAD Portugal, Observatori Valencia, Videolookink Barcelona, Facade Bulgaria, No Gloss Leeds, Lumen New York.
Her work is connected to art history through classical genres of landscape and still life in a non-descriptive way, based on experience, metaphors and irony.

Her videos are available at ob-art video production
and Visualcontainer italian videoart distributor

She has created "Art Content" group on vimeo
VideoART with Content
and "Videoart ART" channel.
Videoart ART

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