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Born in north seashore of Rio Grande do Sul, on November 12, 1973.
Graduated in Social Communication Sciences - Publicity & Advertisement in the Catholic University PUC- RS
Film director
Performed two short-films in Super 8, the first one entitled “Escuro”, awarded Super 8 with the best direction and the best film at Festival of Gramado in 1997, the best video at Festival of Cuiabá 98 and the best Super 8 film at Guarnicê of Maranhão 98; the second one entitled “ll” (Two), terror movie awarded with the best photography in Super 8 at Festival of Gramado 98.
Awarded with the Silver Astronaut at MTV VideoMusicBrasil 1998 with the video clip “Detetive” of the Brazilian band “Comunidade Ninjitsu”. Has also directed other video clips for popular Brazilian bands: “Ultramen”, “Cachorro Grande”, “Graforréia Xilarmonica”, and “Comunidade Ninjitsu”.
Directed the short-film in 16 mm “Miriam”, award of best direction by the Movie Technicians and Producers Association of Rio Grande do Sul in 2003.
Directed two short-films for the series Short Stories of RBS TV (the south region network representative of the Brazilian network Globo), “Phil” a Brazilian parody of detective films and “O Álbum da Copa” a childlike story that takes place during the World Cup of Spain in 1982.
Directed “Olhai os Lírios do Campo”, a short-film based on the work of the writer Érico Veríssimo, for RBS TV and “Quintanares”, a series of poems in honor of the centennial of the poet Mário Quintana.
Director of publicitary films and partner of Sanguebom Films.
“Lótus” is his first short-film in 35 mm.

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