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We are a CrossFit community. We are unashamedly elitist in our approach to physical fitness. We do not discriminate against individuals but we do discriminate against many methods of fitness training.

We have a one-track mind, a clear purpose and focus. Our one core, driving goal is the attainment of elite health & fitness for our athletes (we call all our members athletes) and for ourselves.

We practice what we preach. Stripping away the useless, the wasteful, the fluff, the extras, the fads. And focussing upon only those methods that work and that have been repeatedly proven in the gym, in the field and in life.

We are critical, sceptical, inquisitive and radical (in the true sense of the word). We know that we do not know everything. We seek out experts to increase our understanding and are prepared to admit fault where need be.

We are prepared to pay the price in advance. And we accept pain and discomfort as part of the journey.

This is our manifesto. It is dedicated to fitness infidels everywhere.

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