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Braunschweig, Germany

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Crossroad Studio BS was founded by me (Chris Simon) in January 2012.
The idea was, to give other musicians the abillity to record their songs in good quality.
I have been Vocalist and Songwriter in different Bands since 1998 and gathered a lot of live- & Studioexperience als well as personal experience with other musicians.
When my last band split up I decided to concentrate on recording & production, because I often wrote really good songs in the past years, which in the end sounded not like I wanted them to sound or they never have been recorded.

The idea behind the name has two main reasons:
The Address: Kreuzstraße - Crossroad
The Experience: This world is a small fishtank, especially as a musician in subgenres like ...metal etc. The roads of different people always crosses twice or more.
So let´s cross our ways right here and let us create something as a sign for freedom and independence. The music industry has lost control, now they trying to get it back with casting-shows, big tits, supermodels and so on.

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