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Crumpler Films was created by original Australian bag company Crumpler. Crumpler Films will feature a diverse collection of short films showcasing Crumpler products, people and life.

Australian bag company Crumpler was formed in 1995 in Melbourne. The history of Crumpler originates from the world of bicycle messengers and their messenger bags, however, since 1995 the Crumpler collection of bags has greatly expanded. Today Crumpler designs original and great looking bags, luggage and accessories for bike riders, photographers, travel lovers, rock stars, fashion elite and students, anyone who wants a bag they can believe in. The common thread behind Crumpler products is durability, quality materials, usefulness and original design. All the products are designed and prototyped in Australia by an experienced team of designers and pattern makers.

The products are crafted by hand, beginning as a sketch on paper, turned into paper design patterns and sewn into the finished bag. Designing it the old fashioned way preserves the soul and identity of the products and ensures the bags and their uses are thoroughly considered as they’re developed.

These days the Crumpler range includes professional camera and photography bags, laptop and technology bags, backpacks, casual bags and luggage. But despite the evolution in style and use that Crumpler bags have undergone, the principles behind the original pattern have basically remained the same – creativity, innovation, a willingness to experiment, a big dose of humour and products that are built to last a lifetime.

The creative team at Crumpler have also launched Crumpler Films to showcase a diverse range of short films about Crumpler products, people and life.

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