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The Bay, CA

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I am an activity addict. I am a painter, sound engineer, media designer, and now I am film maker. Once upon a time I was known as Cikee. I am a recovering dj and vinyl addict and got to explore the world of music through my radio show, The Perennial Philosophy, for over 10 years. Now I'm adding a visual element and making films with my production partner, Roy Two Thousand.

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  • My Multimedia Producer Self - This is where I do projects with Roy Two Thousand because we enjoy activities and making awesome sights and sounds.
  • My Painting Self - This is where I post my paintings and different elements that contribute to my creative process.
  • The Cikee Archives - This is the online archive and exclusives vault from my radio daze and a few daze after... check it out - I was lucky enough to have some amazing artists on my show performing and being interviewed.


  1. Natalie Newman
  2. roy two thousand
  3. Tom Watkins
  4. Sander van Dijk
  5. Semi Permanent
  6. Aurora Sarabia
  7. Do Art Foundation
  8. Brass Moustache Films
  9. Alpine Labs
  11. Vitor Schietti
  12. FatCat Films
  13. Shortt and Epic
  14. Grey Brasil
  15. Giant Animation Studios
  16. Dolby Laboratories
  17. HUGE
  18. David Brodeur

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