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Entrepreneur, Director, Advertising Grad.
Spanish Speaking. World Traveler. Creative Manic.

I brand things and see beauty.

Twitter and Instagram: @directorcrystal

A few of my favorite things in life:
1) Living in Madrid and on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain
2) Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
3) Photographing New York Fashion Week
4) Being on the cover of a magazine with a python on my back
5) Getting escorted to the VIP, mistaken as Ke$ha at her own concert
6) My time as a Band President #drumset #percussion #violin #madmusicwoman
7) Taking advantage of my sleep insomnia to make art
8) My mockingbird ability to vocally recreate almost any sound or voice I hear
9) Growing up in a small town without stoplights next to a sheep farm
10) Living my dream

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