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Candaş Şişman (1985, İzmir) studied fine arts in İzmir Anadolu High School for Fine Arts and graduated from the Animations Department of Eskişehir Anadolu University in 2009. He spent his one year of college receiving multimedia design training in Holland (2006-2007) With Deniz Kader, in 2011, he founded “NOHlab” ( NOHLAB.COM) , a project which generates collective projects in arts and design.

Candaş Şişman aims to manipulate our notion of time, space and motion by his work, using digital and mechanical technologies. Taking the sciences of nature and universe as his reference point, the artist combines physical forms with images that are produced digitally. Thus a bridge becomes visible, between the physical world and the digital world. The works of Şişman stand on a complex base, but the forms are simple, allowing the audience to engage in intellectual interaction with the artwork; in which “process” is the structural element of utmost importance.

Candaş Şişman has received several awards since 2007, among which are an Honorary Mention from Prix ARS Electronica Computer Animation/Film/VFX and Best Prize in Sound Design from Roma Viedram Video Festival. He has participated in many new media festivals, such as Nemo Digital Arts and Film Festival, ARS Electronica and Todaysart Festival. Candaş Şişman recently realized Yekpare projection mapping with Nerdworking within İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities and ‘FLUX’ audiovisual installation among İlhan Koman Hulda festival in İstanbul. The artist is living and working in İstanbul, represented by PG Art gallery in Turkey.

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