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San Francisco based artist and filmmaker, Chris Sollars work revolves around the reclamation and subversion of public space through urban interventions, the results of which are integrated into mixed media video installations. Sollars holds a BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from Bard College.

Sollars is also director and curator of 667Shotwell a project space in his home for artists to do experimental work. His work is in the collections of the Berkeley Art Museum, Fogg Art Museum, and Miami Art Museum. Awards include 2002 Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Award, 2007 Alternative Exposure Grant, 2007 Eureka Fellowship Award, 2007 San Francisco Bay Area Artadia Grant, and a 2009 Headlands Residency. On Oct 17, 2009 Sollars did video projections and with live mixing for OPENfuture: Spinning Marinetti's Wheels (futurist banquet) in conjunction with sounds by Matt Volla at SFMOMA.

Mumbai SF is the second documentary from San Francisco based artist and filmmaker, Chris Sollars. Sollars in 2008 completed C RED BLUE J, an experimental documentary feature that illustrates the complications of division during the 2004 Presidential election as it is manifested in his family. C RED BLUE J screened at SFMOMA on Election Day and was included in CREATIVE TIME’s Democracy in America show that took place at the Park Armory.

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