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I am a storyteller. Documentary photography, writing and multimedia provide the tools for translating a story into a compelling narrative. The digital realm provides the vehicle for delivering this narrative to the proper audience. And endless cups of espresso provide the fuel to frolic with these muses.

A camera attached itself to my hands at the age of ten and has remained in place ever since. I see the world through a rectangle and calculate people's movements in shutter speeds and apertures. I am a self-professed light whore- and I like it that way.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and major corporations hire me to translate their stories into a viable means of communication for reaching their customers, clients and employees. Past and current clients include Whole Foods Market, Nissan North America, Junior Achievement, Special Olympics, ATMC and many others.

People hire me to document their stories and share them with their world. Why? Because documentary images don't lie. I document the authenticity and personality of a company- and if these elements are missing- they don't hire me. I keep things simple. It's just me, my camera and a microphone. If you have a large project, my team can tackle all aspects of production, from storyboarding and full-length, non-linear storytelling narratives to website development, social media branding and identity. I only hire the best talent in the country to complete a project and bring your message to the desired audience.

It's just that simple.

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