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    C T D 3 ' S * * * A N I M O T O * * * A L B U M

    by CTD3

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    I subscribed to this slide presentation site/service not long after I saw it. The presentation of still images via the animoto site is pretty darn cool , your music or theirs , and you can remix…

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    WMPG's 13th annual (Super) Fat Tuesday Album 2008

    by CTD3

    9 Videos

    A selection of Video clips of players in the cooking competition that really is just a great excuse for vendors in the community to gather show their "gastronomic wares" & at the same…

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    by CTD3

    29 Videos

    Various clips of portions of copperwork on some projects, the fabrication, install and sweating the underlying elements that flash off water on building projects.

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