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Since its launch in 2006 The Creative Talent Network® stands as the seminal community for the worlds leading top creators of both traditional and digital animated films. The CTN animation eXpo with the simple motto: "Putting The Talent Center Stage" gives attendees a privileged peak at the inspiring knowledge base and passion that looms large behind the creation of memorable characters, award winning stories and magnificent worlds all shared through the form of presentations, live demonstrations and practical workshops. With the accumulation of literally hundreds of world class creators crossing over studio and international boundaries who come together under one roof for 3-days presents an awe inspiring picture of what it not only takes to create these films but what it takes to be a successful creator in this ever evolving medium we call animation---and have some FUN doing it!

The CTN animation eXpo is the central element for “Animation Week” proclaimed just for this event and held in the animation epicenter of the world, Burbank CA.

“We are proud to welcome the Creative Talent Network® back to Burbank,” says Burbank Mayor Anja Reinke, “The animation community is quickly becoming a worldwide job growth creator and it’s no secret that Burbank is home to some of the largest and most successful animation and film studios. We look forward to once again hosting this international community of talent for the second annual Animation Week and CTN Animation Expo.”

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