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  1. Saulo Valley

    Saulo Valley Rio de Janeiro/Brazil


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    Minhas atualizações diárias estão no meu BLOG em Português, Inglês e Espanhol http://saulovalley.blogspot.com/ I'm independent journalist, videoproducer, fotographer and songwriter. My daily updates I write on my page: http://saulovalley.blogspot.com/ Mi…

  2. D.J.G

    D.J.G Richmond, Va


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    I enjoy unique cinematography and focused aesthetics, but I believe filmmaking is all about the story and the message conveyed. Check out these groups: http://vimeo.com/groups/34744 http://vimeo.com/channels/86588

  3. tim travers hawkins

    tim travers hawkins Plus


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    Tim Travers Hawkins was studying Politics in Bristol when he ran away to Seville to study flamenco guitar. After a long period of insanely intense training he took a trip to Argentina where he ended up staying for a few years. That's when he first started taking pictures and making films, and he…

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