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  1. 01:32:48

    2016 Creative Workforce Fellows

    by CPAC

    40 Videos

    An incredible group of artists living in Cleveland, OH and the surrounding area. More info at

  2. 08:32:06

    Panel Review: 2016 Creative Workforce Fellowships

    by CPAC

    6 Videos

    A program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture; made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

  3. 48:18

    2014 Creative Workforce Fellows

    by CPAC

    21 Videos

    Every day, artists are making unique and innovative contributions to Cuyahoga County's vibrant community. The Creative Workforce Fellowships invest directly in these dance, literature, music…

  4. 48:31

    Artists and the Affordable Care Act

    by CPAC

    3 Videos

    Webinar in partnership with Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

  5. 48:06

    2013 Creative Workforce Fellows

    by CPAC

    21 Videos

    Every day, artists are investing in the future of Cuyahoga County. They push boundaries, provoke thought and make valued contributions to our vibrant community. And now, we are investing directly…

  6. 06:05:02

    Arts and Culture Roundtable

    by CPAC

    7 Videos

    Connecting greater Cleveland's arts and culture sector around issues of common cause.

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