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  1. Data Visualization Prototype

    12 videos

    Demo of real time data visualization software currently in prototype by Culture Shock's Interactive Studio using the Processing code language.

  2. Creative Week NYC 2011

    1 video

    Photo-realistic computer animation by Glenn Marshall curated by Culture Shock for Creative Week NYC 2011.

  3. In Plain View...WTF?!?

    1 video

    Spiffy Films presents Dan Witz's Street Art Project for 2010: WHAT THE %$#@? (WTF) edited by Josh Schaefer with music by Dan Deacon.

  4. One

    1 video

    A film By Hugh McGrory and Glenn Marshall featuring the artist 101love. Has the Bible been lost in translation? A positive and inspiring interpretation of the Torah.

  5. The Cardboard

    1 video

    Short film documenting the creation of a surfboard from recycled cardboard by artist Scott MacDonough. The board was auctioned off at Surf Chic, a benefit for Heal the Bay, a non-profit environmental group working to restore Santa Monica Bay.

  6. GoldRun x Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run

    1 video

    Promo video for the GoldRun X Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Run - the world's first-ever Augmented Reality scavenger hunt of a curated collection of coveted Designer Toys, representing the work of 30 acclaimed artists.

  7. Eyegasm

    1 video

    Generative animation iPad app by Glenn Marshall curated by Culture Shock at Volta 6 Art Fair Switzerland 2011.

  8. FRAME

    1 video

    A moving image art series curated by Vimeo and Culture Shock. 18 films demonstrating the best in artistic expression.

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