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At CCC, we are trying to break out of our walls. We are doing our best to BE the church instead of just going to church. The serving component is huge to us. We want to make a difference in our world. These days, we're just not interested in building our little Cumberland empire. In fact, we often wonder about the possibility of giving ourselves so completely away in service and mission that we wouldn't exist in 10 years! Imagine what God could do with that kind of posture?

Our honest goal is to do four things very well: 1) love people one at a time; 2) feed people the Word of God; 3) connect people to God through prayer & worship; and 4) motivate people to serve. Everything we do centers around these four principals (or pistons) which, by the way, drove the engine of the first-century church found in the New Testament book of Acts.

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  1. Thank you Pastor Allen for your wise delivery of the Word....I learn from it and feed on it and am thankful that my daughter (Allison McLuhan Diaz) and her family are being supported and encouraged by it. You are a son of the Most Hugh!
  2. Ultimate Steelers fan. Enjoy heaven!!