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I refer to myself as an internet marketer and entrepreneur with over six years of experience in internet marketing, specifically affiliate marketing and SEO, several years of experience with PPC, email marketing and web analytics as well as over two decades of experience in software development and computers in general, including web development and database development. My background is business and IT consulting and support, where I basically functioned as the adapter or translator between the business departments and the IT departments. My education was also focused on business and IT. I am today working as a super affiliate and are primarily in paid search, but also use SEO for some smaller web projects that I have. I am a writer and blogger about the subject of internet marketing, an affiliate marketing evangelist and available as consultant to companies who need some help with figuring out the right internet marketing strategy for their business.

I write for the blogs at since July 2006 and since October 2006. I provide many useful resources for internet marketers related to the numerous subjects of online marketing on my personal website at No membership or any other form of payment is required to access the vast amount of high quality content at my website.

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