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Award-winning writer, broadcaster and novelist, Leslie Kenton is well-known in the English-speaking world for no-nonsense, in-depth reporting. Published by Random House UK, she is the author of more than thirty-five best-selling books on health. beauty and spirituality. Her work is regularly translated into other languages. According to London’s Time Out, “If there is one expert who can genuinely be described as pioneering and visionary, it is Leslie Kenton.”

A former consultant to European Parliament for the Green Party and course developer for Britain’s Open University, Leslie is trained in Chinese Medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and bioenergetics. She was the first Chairperson of the Natural Medicine Society in the UK. Her contribution to natural health was honored by her having called on to deliver the McCarrison Lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. She also conceived and created the worldwide Origins range for cosmetic giant Estée Lauder.

Her network television programs include Raw Energy, a cookery series, and Ageless Aging, both of which she conceived, wrote and presented herself. She has made several short films on health and spiritual topics for the BBC. Her TV documentary To Age or Not To Age, screened in the Southern Hemisphere, made television history when, in only 5 weeks, the diet and exercise protocol she designed reversed parameters of aging in people between 30 and 60, in medically measurable ways.

For the last four years, Leslie has mentored men and women throughout the world on Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana®—a unique online program for fat loss and transformation of body, mind and spirit. Her approach to wellbeing combines natural health with cutting-edge science. She looks upon the techniques and information she shares with others as practical tools enabling people to realize their innate potentials for energy, health and personal freedom. “The more each of us is able to live life from the truth of our being,” she insists, “the greater become the gifts we bring to our families, communities and the planet itself.” lesliekenton.com and curaromana.com.

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