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The Curators of Hip Hop (COHH) are keepers of an online museum of auditory and visual stimulation. We are the constantly changing world of Hip Hop. We are the art, the culture, the politics, the fun, the honesty – the movement. Creativity meets Connectivity.

The COHH help to connect readers to true, universal Hip Hop. The ultimate goal is to present all aspects of the hip-hop culture from different cities, states and countries to the fingertips of every household in the world. These ambassadors’ creative merger, continues to produce top-quality video pieces and some of the most amazing journalistic skills on the globe. Read, see, hear and watch Hip Hop. From the European graffiti artist, to the up-and-up-coming Hawaiian MC, we’re betting the COHH will change your perspective. If it does, then we’re doing our job. The COHH aim to provide readers with a realm of documented, unearthed talent that will engage, quench and encourage – enjoy!


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