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Denver, CO

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Graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BFA in Film Studies. Current mentality is focused around independent and experimental filmmaking as well as collaboration with musicians, artists, writers, etc. Interests consist of working with 8mm/16mm for installations and various events, as well as classical forms of filmmaking and visual arts.


  1. Adan De La Garza
  2. Emily Jones
  3. LaborBerlin
  4. julie murray
  5. lindsay mcintyre
  6. richard tuohy
  7. TIE Cinema
  8. Ricardo Leite
  9. Michael Robinson
  10. Ben Russell
  11. former selves
  12. Motion Sickness of Time Travel
  13. Lee Noble
  15. Process Reversal
  16. sarah jane biagini
  17. Kevin Rice
  18. jeanneLIOTTA

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