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Curtis Doss is an Emmy nominated Designer with over 10 years of experience solving visual communication problems across many platforms. His love of photography and passion for pleasing aesthetics led him to practice branding and design within the culture rich surf, skate, and snow, markets. Wearing many hats and designing many different items including clothing shoes, skateboards, and snowboards while filling the role of art director for Planet Earth skateboards, and DC shoe co. In 2003 he helped start DC films. A division of DC shoes established to create marketing content for the DC brand. In 2005 he made the leap into a motion graphic focused practice by becoming art director at Shilo, followed by 3 years as creative Director for LA division of Bigstar while also managing the west coast office. Through his career he has worked with many brands including creating commercials for Nike, EA, Sony and Lexus, and broadcast design projects for A&E, Bio, HBO, TNT and the Travel Channel. At BBDG he has lead teams and contributed to many different projects including Rebranding Great American Country, Science channel, and The NFL on ESPN. Creating promo packages for TBS and FX, including Sons of Anarchy and Justified. in 2014 he received an Emmy nomination for outstanding main title design for relaunch of the Carl Sagan series Cosmos.

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