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  1. Top 3 Comedy Spots

    3 videos

    Top 3 comedy spots edited by Charlie Cusumano

  2. Charlie Cusumano - Director

    5 videos

    Director's Reel for Charlie Cusumano. 917.533.1124 charliec@armadilloedit.com

  3. Charlie Cusumano - Editor

    10 videos

    Reel for Charlie Cusumano. 917-533-1124 Charliec@armadilloedit.com

  4. Charlie Cusumano - Editor

    11 videos

    917-533-1124 charliec@armadilloedit.com

  5. Charlie Cusumano - Editor - Image Reel

    14 videos

    Reel of a wide variety of work including two longer format pieces at the end.

  6. Charlie Cusumano VO Reel

    5 videos

    Selected VO work for Charlie Cusumano.

  7. Charlie Cusumano Food Reel

    8 videos

    A collection of spots I've edited that are food-centric.

  8. Charlie Cusumano - People/Doc work

    13 videos

    A collection of documentary work. charliec@armadilloedit.com

  9. Charlie Cusumano Comedy Reel

    11 videos

    Comedy TV Spots edited by Charlie Cusumano Contact info: charliec@armadilloedit.com

  10. Charlie Cusumano - previous work and some longer format pieces

    29 videos

    This is a large collection of older commercials and longer form pieces edited by Charlie Cusumano.

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