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Chad Ward was born and raised in Sweeny, Tx. While attending college at the Art Institute of Dallas, he held down a sales position at the supply store Office Max in Dallas,Tx, where he remained with the company for the next three years until graduating from A.I., with a bachelor's degree in Filmmaking & Video Production. During his senior year of college, Chad acquired an internship with BasicWebPlus, located in dallas, giving him the opportunity to explore the different mediums involved in the industry and expanding his knowledge of his chosen craft. He has worked on such productions as a music video for recording artist Hey Monday, sets for short film competitions, set up news cast and ran the audio mix board and even intricately laid out multicamera setups for various clients. Enjoying versatility and willingly accepting any title asked of him. Chad has held positions such as Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Writer, Sound Designer, Editor, Audio Engineer, Colorist, Key Grip, Production Assisstant


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