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My name is Christopher Williams, I have been a musician for around 10 years now, being an instrumentalist of keyboard instruments, percussion, guitar, and voice.
I am currently studying for a BA Music degree, specialising in composition, film music, and music technology/production. I am looking to develop a portfolio, so if anyone is interested in have me write for them, please do message me, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Hey, I'm currently studying a BA degree in music, specialising in film music, composition, and production. I am working on building a portfolio and I would love to work with you. Contact me on here or email Thanks, Chris
  2. Hey! I'm currently studying BA degree in music, specialising in film music, and music production. I'm currently working on building a portfolio, and would love to work with you! Thanks, Chris
  3. Hey, I'm currently studying film music for my BA degree, and I'm looking to build a portfolio. I have access to professional equipment and a world of musicians/performers at the university who I could record. Thanks, Chris