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C’yani Love
The girl in your mirror!
C’yani is a new and upcoming artist but by no means, is she new to music. C’yani has been in entertainment since she was 10yrs old. She has sung with major artist, has held leading roles in national plays, and has danced on plenty stages. C’yani has always known that entertainment was a part of who she is. In March of this year, C’yani picked up a guitar and for the first time identified her gift to write music. C’yani writes with passion that develops lost emotions, and performs with such expression that produces a big glob of alternative weird. Love is guilty of holding the power to understand men and expresses herself through song. Today C’yani is building her artistry for her music career. She has a fresh sound that truly defines who she is. C’yani is a symbol of love, peace, and strength! C’yani is, the girl in you!

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