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  1. 02:03

    Make It Yourself

    by Cybersonica

    2 Videos

    Make It Yourself is an exhibition of inventive Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects to accompany the major solo exhibition Recorders by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - see for…

  2. 03:45


    by Cybersonica

    1 Video

    An album for videos that don't quite fit elsewhere.

  3. 03:31:16

    AV Lab 08

    by Cybersonica

    9 Videos

    Video documentation of presentations and performances by AV Lab 08 facilitators, contributors and participants.

  4. 03:05:35


    by Cybersonica

    4 Videos

    Documentation from InProcess:ing - an open forum for sharing creative coding and practice - a scheme by Madlab and Cybersonica

  5. 06:35

    Road Trip 09

    by Cybersonica

    3 Videos

    With support from Arts Council England, Cybersonica’s Autumn 09 programming included the first outing of the Road Trip – a hectic week of roving activity and collaborative programming…

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