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Cymer DigitalStudio, located at the Mission Valley YMCA. The Cymer Digital Studio will serve as an after-school outlet where local youth can tap into their passions and develop skills in a learning environment out-fitted with high-tech tools for mixing and editing music, developing video projects, creating art, and more.

Our objective is to create and maintain a learning environment which:
· is interesting and challenging
· is orderly and purposeful
· is safe and supportive
· is positive and enjoyable
· encourages students to take control of their own learning
· encourages students to take intellectual risks
· respects the right of each student to form his/her own judgments based on appropriate knowledge
· fosters self-discipline, responsibility and creativity
· develops in students an awareness of the consequences of their own behavior
· encourages cooperative learning
· enhances each student’s psychological, emotional and physical well-being
· encourages effective resolution of conflict
· fosters cultural identity

We are Mentors. We are Leaders. We are Cymer Digital Studio.

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