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Dj Cza is no stranger to the Malaysian Music Industry. A celebrity in his own right. Cza’s break came after a Sonaone music video he filmed and edited. He then got a massive feedback across the continent. Not long after, Czakutfilms were established, a small company that later became a partner in Kartel Records Productions.

Today Cza has gained attention from, and collaborated with, a wide variety of South East Asia clients, including Sonaone, Joe Flizzow, Chris AP, Altimet, Noh Hujan and Dj Fuzz (Warner Music Group, Kartel Records, Yz International), Lafayette NYC, HUF SF, MY Comida.

With his growing recognition and client base, Cza is set to continue making his unique mark on the creative industry. 
He plans to venture into advertisements and direct feature films.

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