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Documentary-style, indie music videos, filmed across China, in interesting locations.

DaBaoGe (literally “a song you sing while you’re packing up”) is a bilingual music project producing independent, documentary-style music videos throughout Greater China. We’re not tied to any particular genre and we ask artists to perform in a location that you wouldn’t typically see them performing in. Where possible we aim to make music for an unsuspecting audience, and capture the energy, artistry and unpredictability of live performance.

Every film receives a hand-drawn treatment from Nini Sum of Idlebeats, who produces unique art prints inspired by each film as part of an on-going collaboration with DaBaoGe.

Inspired by takeawayshows.com. Founded by Andy Miller and Charles Lanceplaine.

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  9. Chairman Ting
  10. Nathan Factor Sacharow
  11. MTV EXIT
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  13. Secretly Jag
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