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Bertrange, Luxembourg

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The collectif DADOFONIC is a professional creative ensemble based in Bertrange, Luxembourg. Its activities range from stage and street performances to visual art.
Since its birth in 2010 the collectif has steady expanded and progressed; It currently features 13 artists/actors aged between 20 and 54.

Until now, the collectif has produced two stage shows: "Déi grouss blo Fräiheet" and "PALLUM". In addition to that several street shows were realized all over the country.
At the moment we are working on two upcoming stage productions for 2013.
At the same time individual projects are realized by the artists. These projects cover movement and body performance, visual concepts as well as creative writing and music.
The collectif is rooted in the Luxembourgish art community and therefore enjoys vivid contacts to artists and institutions in different fields (theatre, dance and music). This exchange provides constant mutual inspiration and fresh input. |

The collectif is a protected workshop by the Ligue HMC. This organisation from Capellen, Luxembourg is dedicated to provide jobs and education for employees with mental disabilities. |

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