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The Ken Project and Innovative Popularity, LLC are proud to present New York City’s latest interactive fantasy burlesque troupe, Da Dollhouse. Think pop girl group “Pussycat Dolls” meets the movie “Showgirls” with a modern twist. Curated by music entertainment visionary Shalimar Davis and Lamont Smith, Da Dollhouse Burlesque Show is here to provide spectators an in your face over-the-top theatrical experience.
Comprised entirely of twenty (25) professional female dancers, Da Dollhouse offers electrifying routines that exemplify SEXY! The show includes creative dance numbers that fuse sensuality, class and comical relief to Hip Hop, Pop, R&B musical selections.
The principal dancers are Adina “Priscilla Leakes” Davis, BeBe “Lavenda Monroe” Nahim, Christina “Roxxxie” Opoku, Deijah “Jade Skye” Robinson, DNay “Charlie Divine” Baptiste, Erika “Scarlet” Casado, Jasmine “Miss Nola” Johnson, Jatnna “Vivian La Rose” Toribio, Jessica “Nina LaRue” Barahona, Kathy “Anastashia Blackwell” Evans, Keisha “Diamond Lenox” Hughes, Kisha “SinDee Foxx” Adams, Kiira “Bobbi Fouette” Harper, “Kim “K-Sutra” Johnson, Ksyn “Miss Ksyn” Cason, LaShonna “Selina Lee” Holloway, Malanie “Cocoa LaRouge” Morgan, Marisa “Estelle Paris” Braat, Natalie “Rose Lee” Delgado, Nieves “Mona Marie” Bonillia and Satoko “Tokyo” Mori, Shanessa “Sessi A la Mode” Pagan. All of whom are no strangers to the stage. In fact, collectively they have appeared on shows including but not limited to: Oprah, Fox 5 “Good Morning America”, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, Fox 5 “So You Think You Can Dance?”, BET's “Born to Dance”. NBC's“30 Rock” as well as featured in numerous films and publications. Currently they are employed as artists, performing with the likes of Beyonce, Usher, Kanye West, Ciara, Sean Paul, Alicia Keys, Ryan Leslie and many more.

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