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Dahlia Fischbein, is an Argentine-born New York-based artist.
Educated in Film and Political Science in Argentina and New York she was also trained as a video editor.
Her work has been shown in galleries, festivals and art fairs in the US, Europe and South America such as ~Scope Miami , ~Scpe New York, Athens Video Art Festval, Festival Internacional Sueños Cortos, Toxic Video, Flicker Film LA, Museum Quartier, Galerii Fotografic [Prague], The Hogar Collection and nydesignrooom.
She has designed visuals for multidisciplinary events such as a theater performance in collaboration with the Ex p Girls Company or a fashion exhibit in collaboration with GGrippo. In 2004 she has founded Sharpy [Cecilia Biagini & Dahlia Fischbein] a video collective whose work was exhibit at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, South Bend Regional Museum of Art, PACE University Gallery, Gallery W52, Weiss Pollack Gallery among others.
Since 2009 she is an Audio Visual Designer for Limbo Arts, a record label and sound design company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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