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I am 58 years old and I have some physical problems. I was in a car crash when I was 17 years old. I sustained a broken right femur crushed my hip joint and fractured my pelvis in 9 places. While I was in the hospital I contracted DVTs (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my left leg, which destroyed all the major veins in that leg, which in turn causes my leg and partially my calf to swell and ache. I have to wear a graduated compression stocking on that leg to help control the swelling. By the end of the work day my leg is swollen and very sore. This also causes restless leg syndrome and cramping in my calf and feet. When I get home from work I need to sit with my legs elevated until I go to bed in order to relieve the swelling. I also have developed arthritis in my left hip and in my hands and have been prescribed ibuprofen 2400 mg. a day. Three 800 mg. tabs a day to control the pain. I also have back problems (subluxation of L5) which causes my back to cramp to the point I need to sit down when I stand for more than a minute or 2 or walk farther than 75 or 100 feet. So when my brother told me about SOUL and Rain International I did my due diligence to research what it is all about. What I found was a product that people believed in.

I took my first packet of SOUL that evening and another packet the next morning. The first thing I noticed the next day at work was that my hands didn’t cramp when I used my screwdriver, then I noticed that my legs no longer felt weak and tired when I stood on them. That night when I got home I noticed that my leg wasn’t swollen and I had energy and didn’t feel the way I normally did, tired wore out and in a lot of pain. I felt pretty good. After taken SOUL for a week and a half I was no longer in pain at all. No more Ibuprofen, no more restless leg syndrome, and no more cramping in my legs or hands. I can now stand for a lot longer for example I taught a class a couple of Sundays ago and I was on my feet for 35 minutes with only a minor amount of discomfort. I have more energy so no more sitting around with my legs elevated when I get home from work. I can get thing done around the house when I get home. As another benefit I found was I have dropped two pants sizes in a month without radically changing what I eat. I am extremely sedentary with all my problems and am overweight to say the least. The only change in my diet has been the 2oz. packet of SOUL I have in the morning instead of the protein shake I have been having for the past two years.

I feel great!

Did you have your Soul today?

I am now a Rain International Independent Distributor #162810. Check out my website. MyRainLife.com/DAMcKenney

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