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Chicago, il

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Thanks for stopping by!!! Lets be upfront here. Without you I have no story to tell. It is my passion to bring your passions to life.

Freelance One Stop Shop Filmmaker (Shoot/Direct/Edit)
David Alexander (Chicago)

Here are a few things I have been involved with:
Shot/Directed/Edited 17 commercials for Walmart. Shot @ the NBA All Star game, Thursday night Football, the NFL Draft, for American Express. shot and edited for Corona, Modelo, Malibu, Marriott, Bud Light, Sleep Innovations, Scrubbing Bubbles, shot for ESPN, The Color Run, Shout, edited a documentary for PBS, Shot the Behind the Scenes for a Hollywood film and have done countless production projects including Music Videos & Art across the US.

I've had the pleasure of doing projects in: Puerto Rico, Florida, New York, D.C., Boston, Philly, Louisiana, Chicago, Georgia, California, Mississippi, Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri, Arizona, Iowa, Alabama and all over Texas. (The goal is to shoot in every state in the US before I kick the bucket)

It is time to tell your story? If so contact me @ DAlexanderFilmmaker@gmail.com
I'd love to see what could be next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, without you I have no story to tell. Let's do this!!!

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