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Damian Stewart is a musician, programmer, and artist, originally from New Zealand and currently based in Europe. In his predominantly realtime performance-oriented work he aims to incite personal senses of the now, to find moments of pause, and to halt thought, even if just for an instant. Sound, repetition, and a fascination with process act as his raw material.

Damian has a diverse background that includes study in electroacoustic music, interior architecture, and computer science; various music performances including free-jazz orchestras, solo shows, and an electronic dub outfit; and professional software programming work on interactive museum installations and PlayStation2 games. He is a member of the New Interfaces for Performance (N.I.P.) and Polar Produce collectives, has performed internationally alongside artists including Biosphere and Deadbeat, collaborated on projects in New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the UK, and the Netherlands, and has been artist-in-residence with the Modulate collective in the UK and at the Home residency with André Gonçalves in Portugal.

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