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With little more than twenty years he realized his first short of animation and the first of Canary island using the technology stop - motion " Podría ser Peor " (it could be worse) (1999), it was nominated to the Goyas Spanish academy and that obtained numerous prizes and special mentions in the International films Festivals. Two years later he won the contest organized by the Department of Economy and Estate of the Goverment of Spain to realize the Campaign for the becoming the Euro, with one advertisement realized in clay animation, the family " The García " (2001), turning this way into the director of animation of the prestigious campain.
This new cinematographic incursion brought with it new recognitions as the " Young Prize Canaries " granted anually by the Government of Canaries to the enterprising young persons and " the Prize Canaries of the World " granted by the diary ¨El mundo¨and framed inside the prizes to the audio-visual arts.
The international success of these and successive works as " Locos por el cine¨(mad about cinema) " (2003) that was selected in festivals as those of Sicaf in Korea, Bimini in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Japan or New York; joined his works like producer and the director of spots of advertising or as teacher in master class in Berlin and in prestigious schools and universities in Spain and EEUU.
Nowadays he is a member of the European film Academy (EFA) and there arranges his work as the director and producer of the International Festival of Cinema of Animation,Visual Effects and Video games - Animayo ( for 5 years), with other productions of Cinema and more personal works as his photographies in severals exhibitions with ¨Cuadernos de viajes ¨(travels books).

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