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Damien Cassar is a Sydney based director of films, documentaries, music videos, TVCs, television shows, corporates and online content.

In 2012 Damien directed his first television show, a six part series for MTV, “MTV Style Me”. He also directed a project for Qantas and completed his latest short film, “The Visitor”.

The last few years have seen Damien direct domestic and international projects for IBM, McDonalds, Herman Miller, Sydney Opera House, Communications Council, DFAT, Austrade, Cancer Council, Greater Western Sydney AFL, Telstra, Sydney Film Festival, and Oaktree. He has also directed music videos for bands TRAPS, Hot Little Hands and Dirty Pink Jeans.

Damien has directed several short films. These films have screened and been commended in Australian and International Film Festivals, at the Museum of Sydney, on the ABC, in the Nescafe Short Film Awards and Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films. In 2011 a short film about the Oprah phenomenon, “Finding Oprah Winfrey”, did the festival circuit. His latest film, “The Visitor”, is currently doing the rounds.

Damien is a director focused on telling captivating, visually interesting stories that connect emotionally with an audience. In his best work he is skilful at treading that fine line between drama and comedy. Specific topics of interest are the divide between fantasy and reality, popular culture and the influence of the media.

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