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As a child Damien was inspired by the exploits of Cousteau and others, and now as a photographer and wreck explorer, aims to capture and share images from the underwater world. Specialising in deep still photo and video work, much of Damien's imagery comes from a world that is only otherwise seen by the few who dare to go there.

Damien has organised and led several virgin wreck exploration projects including the MV Limerick (2013) and MV Fairwind (2009) in NSW, and was also a member of the SS Federal (2009) discovery team. Damien As an avid cave diver and wildlife photographer, Damien's interest in diving is very broad and reflected in his photo and video exploits.

A self-confessed 'builder', he also has extensive experience building custom lighting solutions required to support deep diving and video capture with the Underwater Light Dude brand. Damien has been diving closed-circuit rebreathers for more than 8 years to depths well past 100m, and has over 20 years diving experience behind him.

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