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Prague / Czech Republic

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My theories are wide. They emerge spontaneously. I am building a single spiral of thoughts reaching for the unknown, which is connected to another spiral of thoughts from any point of its body. The body of spirals is tangled and its substance is in constant movement of expansion and remodeling. In this moment she moves in resistance to my efforts of mapping her features. Sometimes (usually in the early mornings or late nights), the substance freezes, it is just like the moment before the wind changes its direction, the body loses its gravity and if we stand at the right distance, she reveals herself to me in all of her beauty. I see a perfect scheme pointing to the only empty point of our space and time. We both know, that this moment is precious. I think she sees me in these moments too, in perfect symmetry, as I see her. We try to recall these moments. I draw various geometrical shapes and apply my theories to these objects, locate their centers of gravity and move them to verify their symmetries while she shifts quietly. To be honest, I don´t know if she recalls our encounters with certainty. This is the perfect example of opposition of reason and belief. I believe she thinks of me as I think of her, and know that we will meet again. I imagine her growing as crystal, but not only in one crystalline form. When we don´t see each other she seeks for a new pellucid form.

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