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Dan and Dave, 25, first began promoting their skill with a deck of cards over a decade ago when they produced an instructional video to sell on their website, dananddave.com, now a leading source for learning magic tricks.

Online, however, is not the only place you’ll find this twin duo. The brothers have traveled the world teaching their trademarked style of playing card flourishes (a technique for shuffling cards in exotic ways, almost like juggling) to thousands of enthusiasts.

Their style and originality has received acclaim from such megastars as Michael Jackson and David Copperfield. In 2006 Cingular caught eye and incorporated their techniques into a commercial for the Blackjack phone. More recently they taught Jeremy Piven to handle cards for the 2007 blockbuster, Smokin’ Aces and provided card flourishes for an entire season of LazyTown in 2008.

From appearing on the cover of Genii magazine to being published in numerous books and having their own personal brand of playing cards Dan and Dave would say they’re just getting started.

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