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Dan and Matt Wilson are musician-songwriter brothers who have created a large and deeply loved body of songs and recordings, both in their best-known collaboration, Trip Shakespeare, and in their individual projects as solo artists and bandleaders. After Trip Shakespeare announced an extended hiatus, Dan formed Semisonic and recorded several CDs and released numerous singles including the Grammy-nominated hit Closing Time. In 2011, Dan contributed three songs to Adele’s album 21, including the No. 1 single Someone Like You. 2012 found him working with Pink, Dierks Bentley, and Taylor Swift. Matt wrote and recorded his solo album, Burnt, White & Blue, and wrote the songs which would eventually become The Twilight Hours’ 2009 release Stereo Night. On February 1st, Dan and Matt Wilson will perform in concert as a duo at the Pantages Theatre for a return engagement from their sold out show in 2010. Playing from every phase of their development as songwriters, the show will include favorites by Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, and The Twilight Hours, as well as songs from their respective solo recordings along with a few new tunes.

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