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Daniel Andrew has been working within post production for the last 17 years in London. He has worked for various major post houses as well setting up and being a partner in a smaller successful post house.

He is now based at Smoke & Mirrors London where he is currently a full time member of staff.
His role as well as being hands on as a compositor and designer is also as the Studio creative director, where he can manage pitches as well as over seeing projects going through the studio advising and contributing input where necessary.
The Studio was an idea Daniel conceived back in 2010 and managed to successfully launch an internal Studio at Smoke & Mirrors shortly after. The Studio now has grown to become a successful department within the company with a core team of talented staff members.

His background is arts based having studied Graphic Design and photography at art school and degree level. Having toyed with offline in his early days he has a strong sense of timing for edits and coupled with his design flair makes a winning combination when it comes to creating visually exciting pieces.
He has a great eye for colour and composition that is an indispensable skill to have when it comes to compositing. This and his attention to detail makes Daniel a very strong and able contender within the visual effects and motion graphic world.
More recently he has lent his hand to Directing animation and live action which coupled with his experience in post production has been invaluable.

Over the years he has worked with many Directors, Designers and agencies including Fallon, BBH, Lowe Brindfors, Mother, DDB, JWT, Wieden & Kennedy and smaller agencies such as Karmarama, Dixen Baxi, designwerk and Devil Fish.

He has also worked extensively within the broadcast area producing promos, channel idents and titles for channels such as the Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel4, Viasat, NBC Universal, Sky, ID channel, TLC,Discovery, Channel 5, UK TV and MTV as well as working with leading branding agencies like Lambie Nairn, English & Pocket, Tomato, Kemistry, 4 Creative, ITV Creative, TAG Creative / Digital and Red Bee.
The Studio he has been getting more involved with Digital Agencies too such as AKQA and Imagination which bring interesting new formats and challenges to work with.

Daniel has worked on various projects over the years which have won awards, including two prestigious Yellow Pencil’s for D&AD as well as numerous Gold and Silver Promax awards for on air promo work he has worked on. He has also picked up a Midsummer’s Bronze award for best Visual Effects. Read Less

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