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Dan Ballinger BA (Hons)

Experienced & trained in Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Colour, Soundtrack Pro), Adobe Premier & Adobe After Effects. He studied: Film and Video Creative industries,from 2006-2012, and gained a lot of experience during that time. His main focus since 2011 has been music video production where he has over 20 music videos under his belt. He has previously worked as Camera Operator and editor on training videos for a government organisation called Estyn and has also worked on several corporate videos for CCE (Coca-Cola Enterprises) acting as production manager and camera operator. Daniel hasn’t only worked on sets, but also worked with the BBC on two of their development schemes such as, Film Nation, where he acted as a technical mentor giving students insight to camera equipment and talking through setting up scenes and camera angles. The second scheme he worked on was Its My Shout, organised by Roger Burnell, he worked as camera operator on a documentary covering the making of six short films that have been aired on BBC Wales.

Dan has several short films under his belt recognised in the Welsh media and an impressive amount of work experience at such a young age. He has shown he can act as a leader, by using his skills such as Producer, Director, Editor and Camera Operator for Cardiff Born Cardiff Bred.

Daniel has also been Appointed Head of Production for a multi media company (FreshFaced Media). Regularly produces talent, music videos and adverts often with very tight deadlines. Experienced in organising a team, allocating tasks and editing the final production.


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