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Cape Town, South Africa

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I am a cameraman and filmmaker specialising in shooting underwater and in remote locations, with the majority of my experience being with sharks and other big animals. I also have a lot of topside experience - having used many different camera systems to shoot aerials, interviews, general topside sequences - indoor lighting etc. Much of my work has been focused on natural history sequences, expeditions, research projects and remote, often relatively unexplored diving locations.

During my years as chief cameraman for the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) my duties included filming stock footage sequences for SOSF's HD library, shooting, producing and editing web shorts and filming sequences on SOSF projects for broadcast documentaries including the renowned BBC series 'Natural World’. More recently, my footage has been used in the BBC Series ’SHARK’ and in ‘D'Arros - Secret Seychelles’ a one hour special that I worked on as the cameraman as well as Director of Photography.

I work as a freelancer and owner / operator of Sony F55 and Nikon D800 camera systems, and am available for contract work - I operate from bases in Cape Town and the UK.

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