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dance-tech.TV is a worldwide FREE on-demand video platform focused on contemporary experimentation and innovation on the performance of movement. produces the dance-tech interviews as embedded_vlogger and on-line collections of complete works of contemporary artists. They are presented and specially produced for the internet as a continuous networked documentary about the most innovative experiments on performing and interdisciplinary arts. is produced and curated by Marlon Barrios Solano and its FREE for all its users/viewers.

Marlon Barrios Solano (Venezuela/USA) works as an independent movement/new media artist, researcher, on-line producer, vlogger, consultant, educator, curator and professional nomad.
With a hybrid background in movement and new media arts, organizational development, and cognitive science, he researches and create platforms for the development of open and sustainable models of knowledge production and distribution among trans-local artistic communities communities and organizational contexts.
His research is focused on:
On-online/off-line collaborative technologies/methods
Social media and hyper-media publishing for artists and cultural managers
networked/collaborative creativity and interactive tools for knowledge production, generation and distribution.
Open Space technologies and interactive learning for collaboration and innovation
Emergent dramaturgies and creative models in relation with networked technologies and methodologies.
He is the creator/producer/curator of dance-techTV, a collaborative internet video channel dedicated to innovation and experimental performing arts and its social network
He is a researcher in residency for ICK Amsterdam, STEIM, The Waag Society and The Institute of Networked Cultures in the The Netherlands and research associate at Dance Digital in the UK.
He is a guest lecturer for the Masters on Performance Practices and Visual Culture for the Universidad de Alcala (Spain) and the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) for 2012.
Martlon has also worked for the South American Network of Dance as a consultantand instructor on collaborative technologies and the new internet.
As a professional dancer in New York City, he performed nationally and internationally with Susan Marshal and Dancers (1997-2000), Lynn Shapiro Dance Company (1995-1998), and with the choreographers Merian Soto, Dean Moos, Bill Young, among others. He also performed with the musicians John Zorn, Philip Glass and Eric Friedlander.
Under Unstablelandscape (2003-07), he performed and researched improvisational performances within digital real-time environments performing in the US and Europe.
He holds an MFA in Dance and Technology 2004 (real-time digital technology, performance of improvisation and embodied cognition) from The Ohio State University, USA.

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